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My story

Technology has always been a fascination and a driving force in my life. Throughout my career, I have challenged people and myself to improve by doing things differently. Having worked at Dell for 10 years and then in consulting for 7, I have learnt the value of relationships and of embarking on transformational journeys. Together with clients, I have systematically explored how business can benefit from innovation, with the same passion with which I would explore the IOK Galaxy…

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Why IOK Digital

At the time of its discovery, IOK was the furthest galaxy out there: a digital transformation journey makes me think of travelling to far-away space destinations, with all the ambitions, difficulties and amazing opportunities!

IOK Digital accompanies organizations along the practical implementation of digital transformation, leveraging both internal competencies and an external network of subject matter experts. 

We have consulted several top companies in Finance, Pharma, Oil & Gas, Motorsport and other industries, and we can attest that we will leverage innovation to build out business value and differentiation together.

Let's explore new galaxies together!


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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